David Gross

Founder & CEO

David is the founder of Vector90.  Apart from his myriad responsibilities associated with building Vector90 into a national concept, David is the CEO of The Confluent Group, a private investment organization comprised of a portfolio of real estate holdings, public investments and private companies. Confluent’s investments are primarily concentrated on real estate, hospitality and media. Confluent embraces the concept of the dual bottom line - maximizing both profits and societal impact. 

Adjacent to his role at Confluent, David is a strategic advisor to a targeted group of ultra-affluent enter tainers, athletes and entrepreneurs. Prior to founding The Confluent Group, David developed his unique breadth and depth of investment expertise as an investment banker in Citigroup’s Global Corporate and Investment Banking Group. While his primary areas of expertise were credit derivatives and G10 currencies David traded a range of products across a decade on Wall Street, enabling him to consolidate an expansive body of knowledge spanning multiple asset classes.

David attended Cornell University for his undergraduate studies, with concentrations in Economics and Government. He obtained an MBA in Quantitative Finance from New York University and a Masters of Real Estate Development from Columbia University.